Guaranteed Solutions

Our products are the result
of precise designs that meet technical
national and international standards
and are covered by an insurance policy
against any product product liability
to protect our customers and end users.

High-Pressure Technical gas cylinder cabinets

The High-Pressure Technical gas cylinder cabinets are the simple and economic technical solution that guarantees outdoor cylinder and system protection without the need for fire department certification.
Due to their construction features, they allow cylinders and relevant distribution fittings to be stored outside buildings, laboratories, production departments and clinics to ensure multiple benefits such as easy access for inspection and replacement, easy full/empty and fuel/combustible container separation, extreme flexibility and economies of scale for plants that do not need safety separation systems, detection and forced evacuation of any leaks.
They are made of stainless steel, equipped with custom locks, easy to install next to a wall or on a platform, scalable and moveable in the event of system modifications.

Lyon (F) - Archives départementales du Rhône

we have completed production and delivery of the sheet metal cassettes making the envelope of the new building hosting the Archives départementales du Rhône 

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