Guaranteed Solutions

Our products are the result of precise designs
that meet technical national and international
standards and are covered by an insurance
policy against any product product liability
to protect our customers and end users.

Preziosa Francesco srl has extensive experience in the production of cabinets designed for a wide variety of applications in the energy sector.

We have designed and constructed stainless steel cabinets to house and protect delicate technological instruments to be installed in oil fields in Arabian deserts or on off-shore drilling platforms in the North Sea, cabinets to house UPS batteries for hospitals, ministries or remote TLC stations, composite material cabinets built into off-grid photovoltaic systems for salt water purification on remote tropical islands, cabinets for gas reducing stations with standardised dimensions and special versions with sound proofing and on-site metering.

Single, small and medium constructions in series, each with the same care, from the first three-dimensional CAD design bit to the last penned tick on the packing list.

Lyon (F) - Archives départementales du Rhône

we have completed production and delivery of the sheet metal cassettes making the envelope of the new building hosting the Archives départementales du Rhône 

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