We provide solutions, not just products

Thanks to the extensive experience acquired in over forty years of business,
its technicians and operators' professionalism and its system technology,
Preziosa Francesco srl offers its industrial partners all the skills necessary
to integrate their know-how in their customers' production processes.
Continuous and proficient partnerships with various sized companies
in a wide range of production sectors sharing quality and cost goals
with customers have led us to focus on the special features in each product
and simple sub-supply of single custom components while contributing
in the design or re-engineering of complex plants.

Metal has been taking shape in our hands
for over thirty years. We now use
the most advanced CAD/CAM technologies
to quickly create executive designs.

Product development goes through
a co-engineering process
on three-dimensional CAD models
and samples in which product
and process information is analysed
with the customer to obtain
the best results by integrating
the reciprocal experiences.

Our FMC systems, always up to date
with the latest technologies,
transform ideas into more
efficient solutions targeted
for the various sheet metal applications.
Part assembly and finishing, key to
our business, are made by MIG/MAG,
TIG and resistance welding, threaded,
punched or projection welded
inserts according specific techniques
and the customer's needs.

Due to the close association
with qualified and highly professional
companies, we are able to supply products
with cataphoresis, powder paint
and electrolytic galvanisation finishes
as well as packaging and transport
according to the customer's needs.

Preziosa Francesco srl has always adopted innovative technological production solutions, at time opening doors to technological innovation like the first robotised bending cell conceived and installed in 1990 with ABB Robotics, Process integration does not simply stop at our production doors: in association with selected partners we are able to offer complete solutions including surface finishes, screen printed decorations, packaging, electrical assembly, sound readings and soundproofing assessment, structural inspections, in short, everything a solution provider is required to supply
We produce elements, finished products and assembled systems for a wide range of sectors including: architecture, energy distribution, home appliances, electronics, rail, refrigeration industry.

We are able to assist the customer in finding the technical and production solutions for each part in order to optimise production chain and management costs, material and process selection based on use and durability requirements and mathematical engineering analyses on static and dynamic loads with reference to specific sector standards.